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Unbreakable (final episode)

Final Episode


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Maya and Prince were in shock.

They  finally made the trip to Sekondi.

Maya’s Uncle was confined to a wheel chair and was being cared for by strangers. 

His wife had deserted him. 

He broke his back when he tripped and fell during a group walk and had not walked ever since. That was five years ago.

He begged Maya for forgiveness and assured her he tried looking for her but it was difficult. He said he knew she went to Accra but on the two occasions that he came looking for her, he had realized one could just vanish into thin air in the city because he had combed the length and breadth of Accra but he had not found her. 

He told them he had finally come to terms with what happened and mentioned it to the body of elders. He was stripped off some privileges but they did not dismiss him as he had feared.
Prince told him  their mission and he gladly gave his blessing. He told them  he was sure Maya’s parents would have been so proud of her.
He asked the nurse to bring out a small briefcase in his wardrobe and handed it to Maya. There was a key and some documents.
Maya scanned through the documents and saw a handwritten letter from her Dad. It was addressed to her. She read it amidst tears and checked the contents of the briefcase again.  The letter mentioned a key that opened a safety deposit box, land title documents for four plots of land, documents for two houses he owned in Accra and a map. 

Her Dad had painstakingly drawn a map to their hometown and homes. 

Her father and mother came from the same town.  The letter explained that her Dad was from the royal family of the town but her Mom was the daughter of a slave in the King’s palace. Marriage was forbidden between the two families. 

He explained that when they met, it was love at first sight but the two families, especially, his were vehemently against it. They did all they could to break them up but they did not give in. 
For disobeying them, Maya’s Mom was to be banned from the village. 

They held a ceremony to that effect and gave her forty lashes for ever setting her eyes on the King’s son. 
That was when her Dad decided to elope with her. That night, as the ceremony was going on, the prince already had a plan. He would wait at the outskirts of the town at midnight when his love would be escorted from the village permanently. It was hoped she would not make italive. 
Things went as planned and they travelled all the way to Takoradi from the Eastern Region. The only one who knew about his plan was his grandmother. She gave him the gold bars that he kept in the safe deposit box. He used some to further his education and buy the house at Sekondi where his Uncle lived.
The letter mentioned he had an educational fund for her should he leave the world early so she wouldn’t be found wanting. There was also a bank account that was in her name but her Mother or Uncle, would run it until she was of age.

Maya could not check her tears, they just fell in torrents. 
The thought that she had money and houses all the while made her very sad. She had gone through so much suffering for nothing. 

She could not believe her eyes. 

She was however glad that she could build something of her own from nothing. As for the residence her Uncle was using, she told him to keep it.
Prince took her in his arms and comforted her as her tears fell unchecked. 

He assured her he loved her anyway. He loved her for who she was.
He told Maya he would like to take a look at her Uncle’s condition since he was a neurosurgeon. He was sure something could be done to help him walk again.
Maya did not have any problem with helping her Uncle especially when she saw him in that state.  She decided to fund his care and treatment. She also decided to cater for his two children who were forced by circumstances to move to the village.  

She was sure her Uncle’s conscience had dealt with him all these years. 
She took Prince to where her parents laid and decided they would go to her hometown as soon as they got back to Accra. 
Prince arranged for her Uncle to be transferred to the hospital he worked and a complex surgery helped him to walk again. 
The trip to the mountains was short from Accra. Maya was both nervous and thrilled. Nervous her family might reject her, and thrilled she would finally be united with her roots. 
They stopped at her mother’s family first. The sheer joy on their faces made her day. At first, they were a bit sad when they learnt their daughter had passed. But knowing she left behind a daughter was like a replacement for them. Her grandmother and grandfather were  so happy they both had tears in their eyes when they hugged her.
The visit to her father’s family was a little cumbersome. They had to learn the ethics of seeing a King for the first time. There were processes and courtesies they had to follow. Eventually, the King had given them audience. Even then, they were not supposed to address him directly. They had to speak to him through the linguist which was all very new to them. 

The bottom line was she was accepted and hugged and kissed like a true royal, and their show of love overwhelmed her, and tears of unbridled joy drowned her. Maya felt complete. She felt all the pieces of her life had finally fallen into place.
On their way back to Accra. The two love birds stopped at their tree and updated their story. 

Their wedding was set for the following week. Prince had written “Unbreakable” under their initials on the friendship tree.
The two finally wed in the presence of friends and family as planned in a simple but emotional ceremony. 
Maya’s joy knew no bounds as her family from both sides graced the occasion and looked on with pride.  
Prince’s Mom had let down her guard when she realized there was nothing she could do to break them apart.
At the reception Prince surprised her by telling the story of their life. From the very beginning to the end. He touched on the struggles in between and the fact that they were finally united by a love that was simply untouchable, unshakable and unbreakable. 
As the couple danced to “Unbreakable” by “Westlife to climax the day, their hearts merged into one. 

They held and kissed and thanked the Most High for bringing them back together.
The End

Unbreakable episode 12


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Prince picked up Maya as planned and drove to his parents’ residence. 

He saw how tensed Maya was and told stories to calm her a bit. 
The gateman let them into the house and Prince parked his car behind his father’s. He missed racing his Dad in a game only the two understood how to play.
Prince led Maya to the main hall and she could tell they lived well. 
They all retired to the dining area and ate dinner. 

Prince’s Dad was just like his son. They looked alike and had a great sense of humour. He cracked their ribs with jokes and fun stories. 

Maya felt at home with him. 

She was, however, not so sure about Prince’s Mom. She was a bit reserved and did not laugh at the jokes her husband made. She only spoke when she needed some information about Maya.
She had grilled Maya on her educational background, what she did for a living, her family tree and the kind of friends she kept. Maya had been very honest and told her everything she knew.

She had asked a lot of questions about her parents, their marriage and how she claimed they died. 

At one point or the other, her husband and Prince had jumped to her rescue and stopped her from answering the very personal questions. 

But Prince’s Mom had continued unabated. 
 “So, tell me, how many guys have you slept with?”
 “Mom? That’s going too far. That’s my business,“ Prince cut in.
 “Why, are you scared to know the truth? A girl like her can never make it on her own. I’m sure she slept with a lot of men to get to where she is now. I don’t believe a girl with her background can single-handedly build the empire she claimed she had. I think it’s good you know what you are getting yourself into.”
 “You may have all the good intentions but asking that is hitting below the belt. Maya is a decent person. It was unfortunate she ended up in the street because of me but I think she did a yeoman’s job by rising above the troubled waters. I respect her for not giving up but rather fighting her way up the ladder. Like the saying goes, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall but it is what you do after each fall that matters. She could have decided to remain in the streets but she worked hard to turn her story around. That is something we must all commend her for. She is not here to prove anything to you, I love her and I was hoping you would want to get to know her better for my sake. The way you are going, I don’t think we should be here,” Prince stated, fighting so hard to keep his cool.
 “The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You want to behave like the ostrich. You want to bury your head in the sand as if nothing has happened. I am a realist. I believe the truth should be told so that when you decide to marry her, you will know exactly what you are getting.”
 “Leah, I think you are being too harsh on the poor girl. She is not here to apply for a job. She is here as your son’s guest so you should put away your reservations and let’s enjoy our dinner. You are making her lose her appetite. I don’t think you would like it if our daughter was treated like that.’
 “Men will always be men. They only see the surface of everything. Why is it so hard for her to answer the question unless there are things she would rather keep hidden? I’m sure her Uncle kicked her out for a good reason. Don’t think you can fool me, young lady. I know your kind. You are just a gold digger, plain and simple and you see my son as an opportunity.”
Maya’s tears fell unchecked. 

She had not in her thirty-one years of existence met anyone so mean. 

She did not mind giving answers to satisfy Prince’s Mom but it was her insinuations that was getting to her. Most people believed women were  dumb and could not do anything without sleeping with men. When a guy came tops in his class, he was a genius: when a lady came tops it was either she was a witch or she sold her body for it. When would people stop putting women down? When would they accept that women could be the best in anything they set their hearts on. She had fought that treatment all her life and now her mother-in-law to be was sitting across her and rubbing in the same insults? 
 “Ma’am, I don’t have any problem answering the question. What I’d like you to understand is that not everyone was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Some people struggle to get to where they are but that does not make them any less human. I’m not sitting here and telling you  I’m a saint but I have principles. I may not have come from the best of homes you had hoped but that does not give you the right to insult me like that. Yes, I was young when I got pregnant. That was a mistake any girl could make. That was not what I wished for but it happened. We can all be careless at one point especially when you meet someone you truly love. I had no clue I could get pregnant that night I gave myself to your son. I don’t regret it because I gave it out of love but if you think you can use that to judge me, then you are wrong. You sit there and frown on my background. Those things really don’t matter. What makes a marriage is love and deep respect for each other. I believe I’ve found that with your son. Now, let me answer your question. I’ve known two guys intimately in my life. Your son was my first. The night I gave myself to your son, I had not been with anyone.”
“That’s where you are wrong, my dear. Backgrounds do play a big role. My son is a Doctor. A dignified one at that and you are telling me a common caterer can make him happy? Please tell those stories to those who can’t read. He needs a classy lady like Mabel by his side not some ……”
“That’s enough, Mom. I did not bring Maya here for you to insult her. You know my intentions as far as she is concerned. I don’t really care what she did in the past, all I know is I need her in my life. I brought her here for you to get to know and appreciate her but if that’s asking too much then I think our stay her is long lived.  I’m really disappointed in you. I can’t believe you would be this mean to the one person who makes me happy.”
 “Son, don’t take your mother’s words to heart. I’m sure she is just angry I dragged her all the way from London to meet your fiancée. She just wants someone to blame for missing her favourite past times. 

And Maya, don’t take this personal. I’m sure she’ll come around.”
No one spoke afterwards. Prince wanted to leave with Maya but his Dad apologized and begged them to stay. They stayed till after dinner and although Prince’s father tried his best to make Maya laugh he failed miserably. 
Maya was sad. 

A lot of things were running through her mind. 
If only her parents were alive, she was sure the story would have been different. Her Dad had been an accomplished engineer. He had worked in one of the prestigious oil companies before his untimely death. Her Mom had been the best caterer ever. Every one in Takoradi knew her. But now, she has nothing to boast of as a family. Now Prince’s Mom thought very low of her because she was convinced Maya was spewing lies. 

Maya reasoned it was time to look for her family. She would search high and low until she found them.
That night as Prince drove home, she told Prince she was ready to face her Uncle. There were questions only he could answer. 

It was time she found out about her ancestors. 
Prince took her to the movies in a bid to lift her spirits but Maya was still sad. 

She wondered if it was worth it. She’d been able to come this far by her own. Was it really necessary to get married?  He loved Prince, that was the truth but was it really worth the insults and the humiliation she had just suffered? 
Prince apologized a million times and reiterated that he did not care about whatever she did in the past as long as she loved him. He told her his love for her was an undying one and nothing or no one would break that.

Unbreakable episode 11


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Prince had been nothing but sweet to Maya for the two months they were reunited.
He made time to court her and made her feel on top of the world. 
He took her places she never knew existed.
Maya gradually warmed her way into little Maya’s heart. She now saw her as the mother she never had. Little Maya prefers to spend her free time with Maya and her older brother than wile away the time in a waiting room of the hospital her Dad worked.
Junior was having the time of his life seeing his Dad at pick up, at his games and going on long walks together every other day. The two had caught on so quickly one would think they had known each other for ages.
Prince hoped they would be married by now but Maya was stalling. 

She was like that because he had expressed his desire for her Uncle to be a part of their marriage. He told her he understood she was very hurt by her Uncle’s actions but he believed tradition was something they could not just shelve. He said it would please him very much if Maya’s only known relative gave his blessings.
Maya gave one excuse after another whenever he had suggested they go back to Sekondi to visit. 

Prince contacted the Church Office in the Northern Region and had learnt Maya’s Uncle had been transferred back to Sekondi.
This particular night as they lay in the grass of Prince’s residence watching the stars as usual, Prince decided to bring up the subject again.
 “Have you decided on when we can go and see your Uncle?”
 “Do we really have to do that? Can’t we just find people to stand in as my family? I don’t want to go back. I’m dead to them, remember?”
 “I understand your pain and frustrations, sweetheart. But that is all a thing of the past. You need to let go of the past or you will never enjoy life. If you hold on to it, it will define and rob you of happiness. To err, they say, is human but to forgive is divine. Forgiving shows you are strong.”
 “I’m not holding anything. I just don’t want him near me. He didn’t care what happened to me or the baby I was carrying then. Do you have any idea what I have been through because of his decision? Let’s do this without them, please, I really don’t want to see them.”
 “Listen to yourself, keeping all that bitterness inside will not help anyone. What about your inheritance? Have you given that a thought? I know you may say you don’t really need that because you have managed to build an empire with your bare hands. But think of your parents and the love with which they put it together for you. Do you think you are honouring them by refusing to even find out what it was that they left for you?”
 “Look, I don’t want to argue with you. I will find out about the inheritance when I’m ready. As for our marriage, you should accept my wishes and let’s do it without them.”
 “You know I can’t do that. It would have been different if you did not know any of your family members, even that we have to do whatever it takes to locate your family. I want to do the right thing because I love you. I want you to have what’s best not just settle for anything because you can’t forgive one man for his mistakes. We all make mistakes. I made a mistake when I made love to you at Aburi when we were not married. That mistake resulted in the reason your Uncle forced you out. I’m not saying he did the right thing but if you want someone to blame, you have to blame me. I caused your pain. I caused all the suffering you went through because I was irresponsible that night. If you can open up your heart to me again, if you can forgive me for that mistake that robbed you of your childhood why can’t you forgive your Uncle for panicking about his job.”
 “Stop blaming yourself for what happened to me. It was not like you raped me or anything like that. I also know for a fact that you would never have turned your back on me if you knew I was having your baby. My Uncle was supposed to be role model. He was to set a good example at forgiveness. He chose not to forgive me for my mistake so why should I forgive him. He doesn’t deserve my forgiveness. He is a hypocrite. He preaches one thing and acts differently. When his wife’s brother raped their maid, the matter was hushed and offered the girl’s family a lot of money to keep it quiet. Why couldn’t he help me find a solution to my problem? He said I was a disgrace to him. He never loved me, that’s the bottom line. He never cared and you are hurting me by not understanding how I feel about this. There were a thousand and one things he could have done to help me but he didn’t.  I don’t want to talk about the past. It always gets me worked up. We have been given a second chance, let’s not waste it on the past. Let’s move on. Auntie Araba and her husband can stand in as my family.”
Prince was not surprised by Maya’s stance. It had always been like that. Anytime the subject came up she got all emotional. But he still believed the right thing had to be done. Marriage is supposed to be between two real families. This is the third time the subject had come up. Maya still maintained she would marry without her Uncle. 
 “Sometimes we can only move on when we let go of the past. Why can’t you see things from my perspective? We need your family’s consent to get married. It’s the right thing to do. Maybe we can go back for him to lead us to your family. If you give me your permission, I will go alone. You are the woman I desire most in my life and I don’t want anything standing between our happiness. We can get married now without their consent but they can decide to annul our marriage anytime they feel like it just because we did not seek their consent. The court will grant that. Auntie Araba and her husband can’t save us from that humiliation that’s why I want us to do the right thing from the very beginning. That way we won’t be looking over our shoulders all the time. Please give it a thought and let’s get married soon. Living apart is breaking me into pieces. I want you by my side when I wake and I want you with me when I lay my soul to sleep. I want you to be my wife.”
Maya had tears in her eyes. 

She closed her eyes and hoped the pain would go away. It still got to her when she remembered the past. She was trampled on because of her Uncle’s decision. She was scorned and belittled. She was scared and it seem to her she could never forget that. It was not like she did not share Prince’s sentiments. She just wished it was that easy for her to let go of the past. She was aware her Uncle’s decision resulted in her resolve to build something for herself and her child. It taught her to carry on and be the best she can be. God blessed her efforts and now she lacked nothing. She wanted so much to let go but how. Where does she start from? What should she do?

She turned to Prince who was obviously affected by her stance and gave a weak smile.


Prince did not smile back. 
He knew Maya was never going to give in and he was never going to marry her without her family’s consent. He had, for all his life, strove to do the right thing at all times. He loved Maya with all his heart but he would not do the wrong thing just to please her. All he was asking was for them to seek her Uncle’s consent, if he refused to see them, then he would know twas  tried. 
 “Well, if that’s what you want, let’s do it. But I’m not promising you anything. We will just go and get it over with. Then I can use the opportunity to check on the inheritance. “
Prince was suddenly quiet. 

It just occured to him that Maya was stalling because she didn’t love him enough to marry him. He also felt he was pushing her too hard. Maybe he should give her more time. 

He wondered if Maya loved him the way he does. He knew that he would have dropped everything for her just to make her happy. He suddenly felt like he was the only one in love. He shuddered when the thought crossed his mind. Maybe Maya was not ready to commit to him just yet. It occurred to him that Maya did not even answer his proposal. 
 “Aren’t you going to say anything?” 
 “You know what, I think you should take all the time you need. I don’t want it to seem like I pressured you into marrying me. I hope you remember we are seeing my folks tomorrow.”
 “Why are you acting up with me? I said I would go, so where is all that bitterness coming from?”
 “I don’t think we should discuss this any further. It looks like I’m the only one who wants to get married. If you don’t feel the same way, please let me know. Much as I want you, I want you to want to be with me too.” He said and got to his feet. 
Maya was confused. 

She could not comprehend why Prince was behaving like that.  

Maya got to her feet and dusted her jeans with her palms. 

She walked to Prince who was standing behind the binoculars he had installed on his compound to watch the stars. 

Maya wound her arms around him as he tried to look through the binoculars. 
 “Why are you like this, my love. Don’t tell me you are bored already when I’m with you.”
Prince did not respond.
 “I can understand your wanting to do the right thing. In fact, I love that. It’s kind of sexy. It’s just not easy to let go of this pain in my heart that I’ve carried for half my life.”
 “That’s exactly the point Maya. If you love me, there will be no space for anything else. My love is supposed to fill your heart. If you are keeping the past in there it means I only have a part of you. I don’t want that. I want all of you. Because I’ve given you my all.”
 “I guess you are right. It’s time I let go. You fill my heart. You make me whole.  You make me happy and I love you very much. I don’t want you to ever doubt that. 

As for your parents, I’m good to go. I’m just hoping they would like me. Now, come here and let me show you just how much I love you.”
Maya turned Prince to face her and gave him a big hug. 

She told him she loved him and if a hug told how much one loved the other, she would hold him in her arms forever.

Unbreakable episode 10


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Prince walked to the driver’s side of Maya’s car and opened the door for her. 

He asked her nicely to put off the ignition and offered her his hand. 
He took her to his car and offered her the usual courtesies that always left Maya feeling like a queen.
They drove in silence for a long while. 

Maya was not sure she was doing the right thing by agreeing to go out with the only person who could turn her on with just his eyes. He had conveniently skipped talking about his wife and that bothered her a bit. He must love her very much.
Maya looked for a sign of a ring on his finger and saw none. She wondered why he was being so mysterious about his married life. 
 “What happened to the Maya I knew. I thought you promised me you wouldn’t change. Why are you so nervous around me? It didn’t use to be like that, you know.”
 “The Maya you knew died sixteen years ago, when she was kicked into the street without a care to raise a son without any guidance. Times were hard, there was no time for luxuries. Even now, I still feel am still struggling. It’s become part and parcel of me. I hope you understand that.”
 “ I guess I should but I hate to see you so uptight around me. We used to enjoy each other’s company very much. I want that back, Maya. I want you in my life.”
Maya did not utter a word. She just did not understand why Prince would not accept that things between them could not go back to how they used to be. A lot had passed under the bridge.  A lot had changed.  
They reached their destination after a while and Maya was impressed. 
Prince parked his car and got out quickly to open the door for her. 
She stepped out and gazed at the tallest building she had ever seen in her life.

The building had a swimming pool around it making it look like an island. It had four mini bridges that were a sight to behold on their own. 
Maya had always been scared of water but the sight was very pleasing to her eyes. 
Prince guided her to the bridge closest to them and led her into the resort. 

There were mini settlements like houses all around the tall building with palm trees,  coconut trees and other beautiful trees at vantage points of the resort. 

There were open huts with live music where people sat to eat, drink, dance or enjoyed each other’s company.
 “I didn’t know how you would like it so I have a booking for a private dinner and one in the open. You have to make a choice,” Prince said.
 “Whatever you prefer would be okay with me.”
 “Then it’s settled, we will go for the private one.”
Prince led her to one of the settlements and it was incredibly beautiful. 

The room was dimly-lit with a red bulb and had vases of flowers all around. It had a bar in one corner. 

The table was set in the middle of the room and soft music was playing in the background. 

The attending waiter took their order and left. 
Maya felt intimidated when they were alone. 

She had yearned for Prince’s touch and affection for so long yet present circumstances made it impossible for her to enjoy them now that he had found her. She had missed his voice and his sense of humour.
Maya admitted she was still madly in love with him.
 “Well, what would you want to know about me?” Prince asked.
 “Anything you are ready to share,” Maya replied.
Prince told her a story about a young man who thought marrying another would help curb the loneliness he felt because he could not be with the woman he truly loved. The story ended sadly with the couple hating each other when the wife found out he named their daughter after a woman from his past.
Maya knew he was trying to tell her something about himself. She had wondered why his daughter was Maya but  had brushed that under the carpet as one of life’s coincidences.
 “Where you ever married?” Prince asked wanting to clear the air. He was not sure of Maya’s marital status.
 “No, I didn’t get that lucky in love.” 
Prince was relieved by her answer. For some reason, he had felt Maya was taken. 
 “I was married. In a bid to get over losing you, I married a colleague which turned out to be a disaster. When we got married, she was pregnant so she felt I married her because of the baby. Then she miscarried and things went downhill after that. She nagged about virtually everything. She would call me ten or more times in a day to know where I was and if by any chance, she saw me with a lady, I was fried. Anyway, I still gave our marriage the best shot. Then she got pregnant again. Things toned down a bit until she delivered. When the baby was six months she chanced on my journal. I had religiously written in it every day since we camped at Aburi and I always expressed my feelings about you in that journal. I don’t really blame her for being mad. The bottom line was she got to know I didn’t love her as much as I loved you and left without a goodbye. What broke the camel’s back was when she found out I named our little girl after you. I tried explaining myself but she wouldn’t take it. I later found out she was seeing my best friend. She filed for divorce and they were married six months after she left me. She doesn’t want to see the girl or me ever in her lifetime.”
 “I’m sorry for your pain. I know you must have loved her somehow otherwise you wouldn’t have married her. What I don’t understand is why she won’t see her own daughter. The poor girl had done nothing wrong. If it’s the name that bothers her so much, she could have just changed it.”
Their food was served and they ate in silence. 
After diner Prince wanted her to show her something and whisked her to the rooftop of the tallest building in the resort. Maya was scared of heights so she held on to Prince in the lift. 

The closeness brought back memories, memories they both had fought so hard to keep at bay. 

Prince pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. 

They were both panting when they broke free. 

They reached the rooftop and Maya was scared to stand,  walk or even look down. Prince guided her to a spot in blindfold and removed the fold. 
 “This is Accra at night. You can see all of Accra here.”
Prince pointed and named the various parts of Accra as the lights from the houses all around illuminated Maya’s night. 
Maya relaxed. She felt happy and she realized she still enjoyed Prince’s company. He was her love, the only one God created for her.
“Here take the binoculars, it makes the view more awesome.”
Maya was blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the sight. It was breathtaking. She loved every minute of it. Prince had his hand around her to make her feel secure. 
She loved the sight and most importantly she loved the fact that she was with Prince. 
He spun her round to face him and kissed her again.

A kiss that awakened all the pent-up feelings they had both stashed away for so long a time. 
 “I know I’m rushing this a little bit but you have to understand that not everyone gets a second chance like this. You know, I’ve been blessed with so much in life, a good job, some money, an adorable daughter and now a son but there was still this emptiness I felt because you were not in it. In my lifetime, I’ve had to climb many mountains and cross raging rivers but you were the one treasure I longed for. I don’t care if the world stopped turning and the sun stopped shining. I wouldn’t care if people say love was something not worth dying for as long as you are with me, Maya. I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you till the end of time. I know it’s not too late for us to be together. Can you do me the honour by becoming my wife?”
Maya was deeply touched. 

She felt she was pregnant. Pregnant with all the love she felt as Prince stood before her with a ring in hand and asking her to marry him. The dream that ever mattered was finally coming true. Her dream to be with the only one who had loved her without holding anything back. The only person who had given her the strength to forge ahead even though he was not with her. 

Maya felt she was soaring into the clouds with love as the wind beneath her wings.
Prince took her finger and slid the ring on it. He kissed her finger and then drew her to him holding her on the rooftop surrounded by the light from the moon that reflected beautifully on the pool of water around them and the lights from all the buildings both far and near.

Unbreakable episode 9


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Maya was at the hospital before the crack of dawn.

She was surprised to see Prince Snr. already in the ward with their son.

He greeted her with a hug and a peck on both cheeks. 

Maya loved it.

 “I have a couple of surgeries scheduled today. I thought I would stop by before I get all busy. I hope you don’t mind.”

 “No, not really. That’s sweet of you.”

Junior cleared his throat when it seemed obvious that the two had forgotten he was there. 

Maya went to him and kissed him on the cheeks. 

Junior used to like it when his Mom did that but lately he felt he was too old for that. He gave a slight frown and Maya smiled, getting the drift.

Prince Snr. wanted so much to talk to the Doctor in charge but it was too early. The Doctor had not reported yet. He asked all the questions he knew to ensure the boy was not in any danger.

He got to his feet and said his good byes. 

He loved every minute he spent with the boy. He was so endearing. He thought it would have been fun to watch him grow. He told himself he was not going to cry over the past. He was going to do his best with the present. He was going to make up for all the lost time.

He shook the boy’s hand, gave Maya a brief hug and headed for the door. 

Maya had still not said anything about meeting him again.

 “Can we have dinner tonight, Maya?”

 “No, not tonight. I would want to be with Junior. He might need me.”

 “I already asked for the boy’s permission and he granted it fully aware of my intentions. I think he would be fine. Besides, I promise to get you home early.”

 “And what are your intentions, if I may ask?”

 “Dine with me and find out. Be ready at seven, pretty woman.“ 

Maya gazed at her son who smiled back at her and nodded to signal his consent.

Prince walked out without waiting for a reply from Maya.

The doctor discharged Junior as soon as the results were ready and he was cleared of any danger.

Maya took him home and doted on him for a while. 

She was, however, nervous. 

She did not remember the last time she went out on a date. She didn’t even remember the last time she did something for fun.

She’d been too busy to enjoy those little pleasures of life. 

The truth was  she had not dated anyone in years. 

She reminded herself it was not a date, they were just meeting to agree on the way forward as far as their son was concerned.

She was sure he would want to spend some time with the boy and that would be it. 

Maya dashed to the salon to get her hair fixed. She trimmed her eyebrows and did her nails. She stopped by a boutique on her way home and picked a lemon green plain dress that enhanced her complexion so well.

She picked a pair of shoes and a clutch to go with it. She smiled at herself all the way home.

She was aware she was being a bit childish but she couldn’t help it. She was behaving like a teenage girl going on her first date and she knew it.

She admitted she was really looking forward to meeting with him. 

Time, however, seemed to have stopped for her. It was only five by the time she bathed and put on mild make up. 

She checked in on Junior and they chatted for a while.

He was so happy to finally meet his Dad. He was aware his Dad was still in love with his Mom. He told him that. They had talked a lot that morning before his Mom had shown up at the hospital. His Dad had told him he wanted to be a part of his life permanently. 

Maya kept looking at her watch.

 “I’m glad you are going out for a change,” Junior said with a smile.

 “I’m not very comfortable doing this. You just came from the hospital and it’s my duty to be with you. Are you really sure it’s okay for me to do this?”

 “Yes, Mom. You deserve a little happiness too. From what I’ve seen, my Dad brought some colour to your cheeks. You have my full blessing should you decide to marry him.” 

 “Junior, stop saying those things. I’m not marrying anyone. We are just going to agree on how things should be as far as you are concerned. You shouldn’t fill your head with those thoughts.”

 “Are you telling me you will turn him down if he asked you to marry him?”

 “He’s not going to ask that so forget it. He is already married. And I’m not settling for less.”

 “You are avoiding the question, Mom. Will you or will you not marry him if he asked you to.”

 “I think that concussion on your head is clouding your judgement. I need to get ready. See you.”
Prince went to the barbers and had a hard time choosing an outfit for the night. 

First, he tried on something casual then decided it was too simple. He tried on a few other formal clothes but he still did not settle on anything.

He hated suites. The only time he wore a suit was for his wedding to Mabel. He did not want to be too overdressed for the occasion so he finally donned black trousers with a lemon green shirt. He made sure he used his favourite cologne and then headed out.  

He felt young as he drove leisurely to the restaurant. What Maya didn’t know was that he lived in the neighbourhood. He had lived there almost all his life. His daughter had led her to Maya and he would forever be indebted to her.

He checked himself in the mirror for the millionth time to see if he looked good enough.

Prince finally got to the restaurant but Maya was not there yet. 

Maya drove in thirty minutes later and asked for directions so she could meet him there.

 “Why, don’t I get a hug after all the trouble I went through to look this nice?” he asked with that infectious smile she remembered so well. 

Maya smiled, showing off her dimples that added a touch of class to her face.

 “And what would you give me for the hell I went through to get here?”

 “Come and find out how generous I can be.” Prince teased.

Unbreakable episode 8


© The Klever Magg
Maya got out of the car before it completely came to a halt.

She dashed to the reception like lightning. She’d been on edge since the call. 

There was no one at the Reception Desk.

 “Where’s everyone when you need them?” Maya asked, very frustrated.

Maya could simply not stay still. 

She was not ready to lose anyone anymore. 

She’s had enough of losing the people very close to her heart. 

Not her Prince, especially after meeting his father again. He had to live to meet his Dad.

Maya wondered what might have happened for him to lose consciousness. Ever since her Dad died, she always believed people who lost consciousness for one reason or the other never made it.

Her nerves were really running short. She needed answers. She needed to see her son, her one and only shining armour.

Justin emerged from a corner and saw her.

Maya saw him too and rushed to him. He led her to the room where Junior was being held.

There was a doctor and a nurse with him.

 “Prince, are you okay” she asked tearfully.

 “My head hurts. It hurts really bad!”

The doctor assured her Prince would be fine. He had a concussion on his head when he fell. The swelling suppressed the brain and starved it of air that was why he lost consciousness. 

“The swelling has gone down drastically and I can assure you he is not in any danger. There’s no hemorrhage, so he will recover fully.”

“Can he go home then?” Maya asked. 

“Not so fast, Ma’am. I’ve ordered further tests just for clearance. As soon as they are ready and are ascertain he’s completely out of the woods, you can have him. But right now, I suggest you go grab a coffee or something to calm your nerves.”

Prince Snr. left little Maya at the waiting room in the care of the attendant and moved from ward to ward until he located Maya. He entered the ward and the nurse, doctor and Prince Jnr gazed at him. Prince Jnr. was the one who was shocked the most.

The Doctor had gathered from an earlier interrogation that Prince never knew his father so he was very confused to see the man  looking so much like his patient.

Prince Jnr. thought he was hallucinating. He feared he was losing his mind or something.


“Yes dear!”

“Am I imagining it or that man looks like me? No, let me put it correctly. Do I look like that man?”

“You must be Prince’s father, pleased to meet you, sir,” the doctor said.

“No, I think there’s a misunderstanding here. I am…”

“You know what, I think the poor boy should sleep now. Why don’t you come with me? You and I need to clear up a few things,” Maya said, kissed her son and headed for the door.

“No, Mom. I need to know and the time is now. Is he my Dad?”

Maya’s back was against the wall. She had wished Junior would have met his Dad in a more formal setting. It looked like she had no choice but spill the beans.

Prince Snr. quickly did the math. He was convinced more than ever that he was the father of the boy who lay across from him reminding him so much of his youthful days.

“How old are you, boy?” he asked

“Sixteen. Does that mean anything?”

“Oh my God! Maya, is it what I am thinking? Did we…?” 

Maya told the truth. 

Both father and son were overwhelmed with joy. 

Prince Snr’s face said it all. He was shocked at first and then his expression melted into love, the kind only a father felt for a son. He never imagined even in his wildest dreams that something that beautiful had happened. He was both happy and sad. Sad Maya had to raise the boy without him.

He was also confused. Confused because Maya’s aunt, her Uncle’s wife, swore she was dead and buried in Sekondi. 

He turned to Maya who was obviously overwhelmed with the turn of events. She had tears in her eyes. 

He understood without being told she had suffered to have his child, their love child. Prince remembered they were both very young then and wondered how she had coped till now.

He took her in his arms and time was suspended. He just held her, feeling her pain, the anguish and the hopelessness that Maya had locked up inside for a long time.

The Doctor cleared his throat. 

The two had blocked the doorway and he and the nurse needed to step out.

 “I think the boy needs a little rest too. You guys can talk in the cafeteria.”

Prince Snr and Maya stepped aside for the doctor and nurse to pass. 

He went to Junior.

The boy was drowsy from the medication he had just received but his joy and extreme elation were written all over his face. 

Prince Snr. took his hand in his. He could not hide his joy and pride. 

 “My son, oh I’m so glad to meet you. Today is the happiest day of my life.”

 “Pleased to meet you too.”
Prince carried out his own interrogation to ensure everything was well with his son. They stayed with him until the medication knocked him out completely.

  “Would you like a cup of coffee? I think you need it,” Prince said politely.

Maya was touched. It had been a long time since anyone showed any interest in her affairs. Her son was always there for her but that was different. She had missed being the center of someone’s world. She had missed being treated as a woman by a man who loved her. 

But Maya knew her place. She did not want to be carried away. Prince was married. Although he wore no bands, she knew he was taken. The little girl was his daughter and she was sure her mother was out there somewhere waiting for him to come home to her. 

She was not going to give him any hope that something could happen between them. The last thing she wanted was to be the other woman in a married man’s life. She knew she had to draw the line right from the beginning or things would get out of hand. 

Prince, reading her thoughts, explained that he only wanted to share a cup of coffee with her because he had questions he needed answers to. He told her he needed to clear a couple of things with her.

 “You have no idea what I’ve been through. I’ve lived with the guilt that I had killed you all these years. The only time I stopped looking was when I was told you had died of an abortion.”

 “Died of an abortion? What are you talking about?” Maya asked at her sixes and sevens.

Prince convinced her to come with him to the cafeteria and talk over a cup of coffee. They walked to the cafeteria virtually in silence.

Prince drew out a chair for her and left to get two cups of coffee after finding out how she wanted hers. 

Maya was enjoying the attention, even though she was aware it was just temporary.

Prince was back with two cups of coffee in no time. 

He pulled out a chair and sat facing her. They both took a long sip and set the cups on the table.

 “I looked for you everywhere, Maya. I realized too late I was in love with you. I went overseas with my folks right after the exams. I went to medical school but came back for you. You had totally eclipsed my very being. I couldn’t do anything. I thought of you constantly. Three years into medical school I came back. I stopped by the friendship tree and it looked like we were the last people who wrote anything on it. So I updated it the second time I went there and hoped you would see it someday. For some reason, I believed you would come to the gardens. Then I went searching for you. It was not that difficult to locate you because of your Uncle. I went to the church looking for him and I was told he had been transferred to the Northern part of Ghana. I took the address and left for the North. It was the longest journey by road I had taken my entire life. I went by road just to have a feel of the beautiful landscape. When I finally located your Uncle’s residence, he was out to the next town for an event. His wife, after acting all up, told me you died shortly after school after an abortion. You could imagine my pain. I cried all the way back to Accra. I stayed for a week and then left for the states. I was really shattered. My school work began to suffer. There was this girl in my class, she was nice to me. She helped me cope. Then we became intimate. She took seed and we were married. Unfortunately, she miscarried but we stayed together. What I don’t understand is why your aunt will lie about something like that. Why did she tell me you died?”

 “Well, that’s a question only her could answer. She was always a bitter woman.” 

By the time Maya finished telling her story, they both had tears in their eyes. 

 “Anyway, none of all that matters anymore. I’m glad you got to meet your son. But I don’t want you to feel you owe me anything. You can see the boy any time you want. You have a family to go to and I have a son who needs me. Where is the little girl anyway?”

 “Left her with the attendant at the waiting room.”

 “I think you should go and get her. She must be worried by now.”

 “Don’t worry about that. She’s used to that kind of life. She follows me everywhere. She’s like my third leg. She usually spends hours in the waiting room when I’m in surgery.”

 “You are not in surgery now. I insist we call it a day. I need to check on Junior and get back to the restaurant.”

 “Well if you say so. You have to promise me one thing, though.”

 “And what will that be?”

 “You will have lunch with me. I still have a lot to talk about. We need to talk about our son too.”

Maya suddenly felt like leaving. 

Talking about the past had brought back painful memories. She was also getting too attached to Prince for her liking. She was deeply touched by the fact that he went all the way to the Northern part of Ghana in search of her. She knew for a fact that he was still in love with her. She also knew she still loved him but they could not live that love. He was now forbidden. He was married and the last thing she needed was a scandal. 

She got to her feet and thanked him for staying with her. He settled the bill and went to the ward with her to check on their son. He was still out cold. 

The doctor advised they leave and come in the morning since it was getting late. He was sure the boy would be good to go home the next day.

Unbreakable episode 7

Episode 7


© The Klever Magg
Maya was humbled. 
She felt like that because not many would have risen above the dreary waves of life she had paddled through.

She was grateful to the Most High for His mercies that had brought her that far. 
She gazed at  the gentle clouds that floated across the pale blue sky. 

She had a lot to be thankful for. 

The sun has risen and was promptly budding through the hazy sky. 

The cloudy layer created a pleasant extension from the sun making it an awesome sight to behold. 

Two woodpeckers chirped simultaneously to form a soothing melodic tune to her ears. 
She stood at the balcony of her new home and admired natures best all around her. 

She admitted she had been very lucky given the terrible circumstances that ushered her into a harsh city life. 

She was now surrounded by so much goodness it was difficult to believe she was on the streets at some point of her life.
The day had finally arrived. 

Her first plush restaurant was opening that day. She had lived her dreams to the fullest. 

She took in the lovely smell from the flowers around her. 

She felt very peaceful and alive.
She hurried inside. 

She got ready after taking a lavish bath. Junior was playing basketball at his school that morning and she needed to be there for him but couldn’t. 

She was needed at the restaurant. 

There were still loose ends to tie before the grand opening in the afternoon.
Maya walked leisurely into the restaurant. She checked to make sure everything was in place. 

She really missed her Mom that day. Her Mom would have put in her usual best for an event like that.
She reminisced on the various functions she attended with her Mom. Her sweet smile everywhere she went melted the hearts of the most difficult of her clients. She had really been a marvellous person. 

Maya strove to be that model too. She tried her best to please everyone but when she had to be tough, she could indeed flex a tough muscle.
Junior was to join them later in the day. Junior was the only family she had and it pleased her a lot when he was with her at events like that. 

He was her best friend and companion. 
The time finally came. 

People had already queued up and Maya and her incredible team opened the huge doors to “Maya’s Slice of Heaven.”
Maya used orange, white and lemon green colours to create something simple but magical for the interior. The decor and setting was simply splendid. The whole sight was a balm of magic that warmed the heart and made sojourners wish to stay forever.
The starters were served according to their personal choices. 
There were huge plasma televisions on the four walls of the restaurant. 
A small corner had been fitted with an xBox for kids to play whiles they waited for their orders.
Things were going well and Maya was elated. 
The only challenge was they had received more customers than anticipated and two people engaged to help out had not showed or bothered to call. 
Their walk through service was choked with a bit of traffic. 
Maya was overwhelmed. 

She made a few calls to her mates at the catering school for help. Three had readily offered to come and were on their way.
She stepped into the kitchen to see what she could do to fast track proceedings in that department.
A man walked in with a five-year-old and all the waiters stirred. 
Granted, he was extremely handsome for his age but there was something that drew their attention. He looked exactly like their boss’s son. 

One of the waiters led them to a table with a pleasant smile and took their order after exchanging courtesies. 

The waiter gave the little girl a small customized colouring book to occupy her whilst she waited. 

In no time, their order was served and that  was when all hell broke loose. 

The little girl threw her plate of food on the floor, breaking the plate in the process.
The janitors where there before one could count to ten to clean up the mess. The man was obviously displeased but did not want to lose his cool. 

He muttered his apologies to the waiter and the janitors and turned to his daughter.
 “What’s the meaning of that, Maya? Why are you behaving like a brat?”
 “I don’t like that food. I want something else.”
 “But you chose that. It’s not polite to do that. People put a lot of energy into making food. The least you can do if you don’t want it is to leave it. Throwing it away does not solve anything. It’s very rude,” the man explained and asked her to apologise to the waiter who was still tending their table.
Little Maya muttered her apologies in a low voice and ordered another food. She repeated her unruly action for a second time.
Maya, who had just come to the main restaurant to meet and escort one of her mates caught a glimpse of a flying plate and lost her cool almost immediately.   She dashed to the table ready to pump some sense into the parent who had obviously failed at his parenting skills.
One look at the little girl melted all the anger she felt. She looked awfully familiar. In fact, she looked like Prince Senior. The father, who had bent to scoop debris of broken plates on his shoe as a result of his daughter’s tantrums, sat up and came face to face with Maya.
Maya was dumbfounded. 

It was indeed Prince Senior. 

Her Prince charming. She felt faint. She felt as if her heart had stopped beating.
 “Maya?” Prince managed to say, recovering from his own shock.

Maya’s words choked her. She was too excited to speak. Tears had formed in her eyes. She had looked high and low for this man who was standing right in front of her now, yet she could not find the words to express herself.
 “It is really you. My God, you are very difficult to find. It was like you had vanished into thin air. I’ve looked everywhere for you,” Prince said. 
Seeing they were drawing attention to themselves, Maya recovered quickly and exchanged courtesies and turned to the little girl, who felt left out and was pulling at her Dad’s trousers saying she wanted to leave because she didn’t feel hungry anymore.
 “Oh, dearie. You don’t really mean that. I’m sure you just haven’t found what would water that mouth of yours yet. My name is Maya. Come with me. I have some goodies for pretty girls like you.”
 Little Maya’s face lit with Maya’s words. She grinned sweetly, exposing her beautiful white teeth. 
 “My name is Maya too,” she said, as she put her little arm in the outstretched arm of Maya senior.
The two walked hand in hand to the counter and after what seemed like eternity, little Maya picked chicken popcorn, a slice of cake and a big bottle of fanta.
Maya walked back with her as the little girl carried her plate of goodies and hurried to the table. 
Maya phone rang stridently. 
It was the special tone for her son so she picked up immediately. Junior should have been there with her a long time ago. She had tried to reach him but his phone had been off. She was worried but did not get the luxury to brood over it. There was so much to do. 
The voice on the other side was not her son.
 “Hello Madam, this is Justin, Prince’s friend. Prince fell during the match and lost consciousness. We brought him to the Eden Hospital. His phone was dead so we had to look for a charger and charge it a bit before we could locate your contact.”
 “How is he? Is he hurt? I’ll be on my way right away!”
Maya felt weak with worry. 

She dashed to the kitchen and updated her team of what had happened. She asked her next in command, Marie, who had been with her from the ‘sobolo’ days, to take charge. She called one of her drivers to bring her car and stepped outside. Prince was outside with little Maya still indulging in her feast. Her Dad had convinced her Maya senior needed their help so she had to finish her meal in the car.
 “I guess someone’s hurt. Can I be of help? I’m a Doctor! Besides, there’s so much we need to talk about.”
Maya was angry for no reason. 
She feared the worse. Her son could die. No, not now. 

She was convinced there was something that always pulled them apart. Just when she finally found the one person she had looked for all these years, her son had to get into an accident. She was convinced Prince and her were not meant to be together even as friends. 

She felt she was just kidding herself. Prince was there with a daughter which meant he was married. What in God’s name was she thinking? She was sure her thoughts were responsible for her son’s predicament.
 “I’m sure, I’ll manage just fine. You have a daughter and a wife to worry about and I have a son to go to. It was nice seeing you after all these years. Wish you the best.”
 “Don’t shut me out, Maya. You have no idea what I have been through. Let me just come with you. I may be able to help. I can’t leave like this, not after searching all these years for the one woman who eclipsed my heart totally.”
The driver had just pulled up with the car. Maya bade him well again and climbed into the posh metallic black Land Cruiser. 
Prince hurried to his car which was parked across the street. He put his daughter in her seat and secured the belt. He rushed to the driver’s seat just in time to see Maya’s car take the first left turn and tailed them.
They arrived at the hospital shortly afterwards.

Unbreakable episode 6

Episode 6


© The Klever Magg
Maya saw the necklace that had slid out of the journal onto her lap when she turned.  A smile crossed her face. 
She picked it up and opened the locket. 
Prince’s face, complete with his infectious smile, gazed out at her. 
There was a knock on her door.

“Come in.” she answered.
Jnr. walked in looking handsome as always but wearing a worried face. 
He had noticed his mother’s anxiety during the latter part of the party. 

He had seen those ‘far-away” looks of hers more than thrice that day. It had kept him wondering what might be amiss. 
 “Is everything alright, Mama?” Jnr. asked, a bit concerned.
 “Yes, I’m okay,” she answered clutching the necklace in her right hand.
 “I came to offer my thanks for the honour done me. I really had fun. Thanks so much. You are my Guardian Angel.”
 “You are most welcome, my son. It was a pleasure to see you that happy. You know, I had wished by the time you turned sixteen, you would have met your Dad. I guess I  hoped wrong,” Maya said sadly.
 “That’s okay, Mom. Having you is enough for me. If it’s God’s will for me to meet him, I know I will in God’s own time. Was that why you were sad back there?”
 “No, not sad. I was happy for you. It’s just that sometimes I really miss him. But don’t mind me, I will be good in the morning.”
Maya turned the necklace around as her son hanged the citation he framed for her. 
 “Would you like to see how he looks like?” Maya asked and handed him the necklace without waiting for an answer when he came to sit next to her. 
Junior turned the locket and gazed at the picture inside. 

He admitted he looked just like his Dad. He wished he knew more of him. He had always longed for a Dad figure in his life. It was not liked he did not appreciate being with his Mom but he always felt he was missing out on something not having a Dad around. 
 “Do you still love him?” he asked unexpectedly.
Maya was caught unawares. 

They had never discussed Prince except for the answers she provided from time to time to his questions about his Dad. 
 “I still think of him. If that’s love, then I guess I do. I’ve met a lot of people in my short life but none had left an indelible mark as much as your Dad did. I’m constantly reminded of him when I see you and it’s not been easy living without him,” she answered.
“Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t pry too much but I think you should continue your search for him. Who knows, he may be looking for you too. From the way I see it, you don’t want to commit to anyone else.” Junior supplied.
Maya was done looking for Prince Charming. 

She had resigned to living without a man. She convinced herself that not everyone was born to marry. She was fortunate she had a son, that should suffice. 
She was sure Prince was married and living happily ever after, like the fairy tale cliché. There was no point fishing him out to burden him with a son he had no clue existed. She was sure the news could trouble his family life so it was best to leave it as it was. She was sure she could not replace a father’s love in Junior’s life but there was really nothing she could do about that. She had moved on and was not going back.
Junior asked to be excused and left for his room. 

He was more than sure his Mom was madly in love with his Dad. She was just not ready to admit it. He believed his Mom was still young and could find happiness with his Dad. At thirty-three she still looked like she was sixteen. 

He promised himself he was going to dig out as much as he could to help find him. He would do that for his Mom’s sake. She’s been through a lot and he would like it very much if she found happiness as far as love was concerned.
Maya laid out all the notes Prince gave her on the bed when she was alone.  She read each one of them. 

Memories of their time together flooded back and for a while she was happy. She was happy to have met such an incredible person in her lifetime. Her time with him was her happiest after her Dad.
She picked a stick glue from the drawer and picked the journal. 

She turned to the beginning of her entries for the two weeks she spent with Prince.

She pasted the notes right after her entry for the day and wrote a little remark beneath each one. She really enjoyed doing that. It lifted her spirits a bit.

She would like to leave her journal as a memoir of her life story.

She knew she was being childish doing that but she did not want to lose even a piece of the notes he left her. One day, she was going to let Junior read her journal and she wanted him to see just how happy she was when she met his Dad. 
That night as she lay unable to sleep, she thought of her Uncle. 

She wondered how he was fairing. She wondered how many kids he would have now. She also wondered how his wife was treating him.
Maya thought about her inheritance too. 
Shortly before her Mom passed, she called her in the presence of his Uncle and told her about an inheritance she was holding in trust from her Dad until she was matured enough. She did not give much detail but told her she had given the documents to her Uncle to hold until she was of age. She had no clue what the inheritance was. She would have to pursue that someday.  She would have to go back and find out. 

The thought of going back worried her. Events leading to her painful ejection from the house swamped her thoughts. 

She was still hurt about how she was treated. She had just been a child and her Uncle had driven her out of their house with nowhere to go. 

She doubted he would have done same if his daughter had gotten pregnant. He could have taken her to her roots or found a more practical solution to the problem but instead he allowed his wife to influence him to treat her like an outcast.
Tears filled her eyes when it occurred to her she could have died on the streets and no one would have known who she was.
She would go back, that was definite, but that would be after the opening of her lavish restaurant she had built with her sweat from hard work.
There was so much to be done before the opening in a couple of weeks. 
She had to move to her new residence close to the restaurant and get everything else sorted out before the big day.
Maya had chanced on a large acre of land for sale some time back and had purchased it without a second thought. She had not really been sure at the time what she would use it for. The location was prime and she had known it  could be used for various business or residential ventures.
She worked very hard to put up her dream house and the restaurant in chorus. The restaurant was a few blocks away from her residence. She would use the rest of the land which was lying vast between her residence and the restaurant for office complexes when she was financially sound enough to take that step.
As she drifted off to sleep, she was grateful to God for His blessings. 

She was glad she had managed to put up the house and the restaurant and looked forward to more fruitful years ahead.

Unbreakable episode 5

Episode 5 


© The Klever Magg
Maya felt content. 
Content that her hard work had paid off. 
She looked at Prince Jnr, from afar and was glad to be a part of his life. 
She had never regretted having him. He had filled her life in so many ways. 

He made her laugh when she was sad. He  gave her the strength to forge on when things were hard. He had given her hope to carry on no matter what happened. He was the light that came after the end of the tunnel. He was her shelter from the storm that ripped her life at such a young age.
Prince Jnr. turned out to be the sweetest thing that ever happened to her. He was very helpful and resourceful. He looked more like his father each passing day. He was handsome, fun and incredibly intelligent. Maya could not imagine her life without him. He had a strong sense of humour and was very sensitive to her needs. He had been nicknamed “Lawyer” by his school mates and management staff. He always stood for the truth and Maya was proud to have raised a child like him. He was always fighting for one cause or the other. 
Jnr. had turned sixteen and for the first-time Maya had organized a big bash for him. 

Friends from church, school and the neighbourhood graced the occasion. It was fun to see him so happy. Jnr. entertained his guests with jokes and stories. Yes, he was also a good story teller and composer. He had a way with words just like his father. When he was telling a story, his audience felt like they were watching a movie. He had a unique way of bringing stories to life.
Jnr. had written and read a pleasant ‘tribute’ to his mother that day. 
Before he read it, he explained that he knew tributes were read at funerals but he wanted his Mom to know what he thought of her while she was still alive. He said he didn’t believe in reading tributes when the person it was intended for could not hear them. 

He said it was silly to do that, and this  made everyone laugh.
Jnr. had that special gift which brought  peace and happiness wherever he found himself. That was exactly how Maya remembered his Dad.
The message in his tribute was powerful. 
It had touched the very core of her soul. She wept as she listened to her son recount their life story in his own way. The words he chose that day made her feel like she was a super human.
“My mother had me when she was only seventeen years old. 

She lost her home because of me but she never gave up on me. 

She loved me like no other.

She went hungry, so I would eat. 

She stayed awake so I could sleep when we were on the streets.

She loved me no matter what. 

She made sacrifices only an Angel could make for her guardian. 

I would forever be grateful for giving me a chance to be here. 
For all the periods you stood by me, 

For making me see the truth; 

For all the happiness you brought to my life; 

For all the wrongs you righted; 

For making every dream of mine a reality. 

For all the love you showed me; 

I’ll forever be grateful Mama. 
You propped me up so I could touch the sky, 

You stood by me and never left me. 

You gave me power when I was weak, 

you spoke for me when I couldn’t speak, 

you were my eyes when I couldn’t see,

You gave me faith because you believed,

You raised me to be more than I could be,

I have come this far because you loved me.
You gave me wings to that made me fly; 

You told me no star was out of reach. 

You were always there for me

You were the wind that carried me

You were the light of my life 

You are my inspiration. 
I stand tall when you stand by me because I had your love. 

I’m grateful for each day you’ve given me. 

I was blessed because I had someone like you to love me,

My world is a better place because you are in it.

Thank you, Mama, for loving me

Thank you for being there. 

Thank you for everything.
Junior had framed it and handed it over to her after he had read it to the gathering of friends and family. He added a picture of her and him when he was just a little boy.
That day, Maya’s son had commissioned the first ‘POP Inn’ for people living in the streets. 
It was not anything extravagant. It was a five- storey that had only single bedrooms. Each floor had a washroom, a kitchen, a common room for watching TV and a laundry. Maya was happy she could put that together in her lifetime for the homeless. 
Living in the street thought her humility. She took a lot of things for granted. She promised to look for her Uncle someday, when all the bitterness she felt towards him disappeared, and thank him for sheltering her for those years. 
Maya was glad the homeless could have a roof over their heads at low cost. The hurdle of looking for rent advance was a thing of the past for most people living on the streets in the city. It was priced per night and payment was  daily. She was glad she had taken that step. In a way, she would be earning some money from that too and hopefully she would be able to replicate it in other parts of the city and eventually the whole country.
Maya was sure Prince Osei Poku Snr. would have loved the idea too.
That night when everything was over and the last guest left, Maya retired to her room a little downhearted. 
Prince Snr. had filled her thoughts all day. 
She wished he could see his son. 

She wished he knew they had a child together. She had missed him more than she had imagined. Maya was aware Prince would be married with a family by now but she was not looking for a relationship. All she wanted was her son to get to know his Dad.
She had been able to achieve everything she had hoped for in life except getting married to the man of her dreams. She had also not been able to get her son meet his Dad. That was something that bothered her often.
Prince Jnr. was not demanding. He was very understanding and had not shown any remorse whatsoever for the fact that he never met his Dad. She felt she owed him that at least.
In her desperation to locate Prince, Maya had gone to the Aburi gardens on two occasions hoping there could be something that would help her find him.

The first time she went there was nothing. 

It was obvious Prince had came around the second time she went. The thought that he returned to their tree gave her some hope but he only wrote down the date and his initials underneath the memoir they left at the gardens and that was all. There was nothing else to use to locate him. 

Maya was extremely disappointed. Prince could have left a number or something more practical. Maya was still struggling to make ends meet that time. She did not have any contact details to leave behind so she left with a heavy heart and decided never to go back to the gardens and their tree again. It was time she forgot him. 
She unlocked the drawer by her bedside and brought out a file she had kept all these years. 

It contained her journal, some letters, pictures and other souvenirs.
She opened her journal and started to read.
She had not made many entries since she moved to Accra. Life was so fast paced in the city she had not had that luxury to write much. She needed to fill in the blanks. 

Her Dad had given her the journal on her tenth birthday. She had written in it every day until her unexpected move to Accra.
She scanned through the pages with smiles and tears as memories flitted through her mind. 
She took time to read the entry she made when her father passed.
 “I feel like my life has ended. I lost my Dad today. He was very okay in the morning when he left for work. He delayed a bit in coming back home which was very unusual so Mom started calling his friends. His colleagues told her he left for the house around the usual time. Mom was worried but did not want me to worry so she tried to stay calm. Then around ten in the night a call came in. Dad was found unconscious in his car when he stopped at a traffic light and didn’t move when the light turned green. He was rushed to a hospital. Mom rushed to the hospital leaving me with a neighbour. She came back two hours later wailing. Daddy was gone. He never regained consciousness. They found the pizza he promised me that day in his car. I feel so lost. I don’t know what to do.”
Maya had tears in her eyes by the time she reached the end of the entry. 

She still missed him so much. He had been her hero. She had looked up to him for everything. She read the tribute she wrote and read for him at the funeral with tears coursing down her face. It still hurt as if she lost him just yesterday.
 My Dad, My Hero!
 I stand here in wonder!

 Is it true or it is a dream?

 Are you really gone?

 Was hoping it was a lie.
 You lie so still

 Without a word or a smile

 Yet I’m right here.

 That is strange

 Cos I was always your pride


 When I felt sad 

 You raised my spirits

 When I felt weak

 You made me feel robust

 You were my all

 You will forever be my all
 It’s hard to say goodbye

       Especially to someone you love

 But death has given me no choice

 Sleep on, Daddy dearest

 Until we meet again

 In the resurrection
Maya wiped her eyes and closed the journal. She couldn’t take anymore of the pain from that memory. 
She tossed it on the bed as her tears blinded her. She was distressed. She still could not understand why her Daddy died. The medical report cited heart failure as cause of death. 
 “Why, oh why. Why did you leave me, Daddy?”

Unbreakable episode 4


© The Klever Magg
Episode 4
Maya was up before the cockcrow the next morning. 
She could not wait to set her plans in motion. 
With little light from the moon, she prepared the delicious toasted bread and sobolo drink.
She put the toasted bread in customized envelopes and packed them in an airtight food warmer. She bottled the sobolo in small containers and packed them in an ice chest.
She cleaned up her surrounding and got her son and herself ready for her first day at work.


She set off to market her food after a quick prayer. She stopped at the shop on the way to pick up the ice cubes she had ordered for the sobolo drink.
Maya was very enthusiastic. She knew she had taken the first step to making it big in this world.
However, things did not go as planned. 
Maya walked for quite some time and no one seem to notice her.  
She realized the labourers for the various construction sites had not reported for work that day. The area was so quiet that it was as if   there weren’t  any residents around. 
Maya still forged on with hope. 
She roamed for hours. She moved from street to street, house to house but she did not sell even a piece of the toasted bread she had woken up at the crack of dawn to make. 
She felt so downhearted. 
Making the toasted bread burnt parts of her fingers but she endured it with the hope that somehow selling them would help her make some money to give her son a better life. 
Maya had tears in her eyes as she rested under a mango tree. Her feet were sore from all the walking. 
She learnt that most of the houses were empty during the day. People who lived there were mostly rich and hardly bought food from outside. They had house helps and maids who cooked and washed and did virtually everything in the houses. 
She played with various options to break through and decided she was going to try the same area for a week and if things did not improve, move to other parts of the city to see if she could make it work. 
She needed to make it work. She had to succeed to prove her worth and enjoy a better life. She was not going to give up. She would try till there was nothing new to try.
She went by the shop and placed the toasted bread in transparent bowls with lids and waited. Still nothing happened. 
Eventually Maya gave some of the toasted bread to the kids of the provision store keeper next door and dashed the rest of the toasted bread and ‘sobolo’ to some school children that passed by that day. 
The story for the next day was not different . She was able to sell only two toasted bread and five sobolo drink.
Maya tried for a week but still things did not improve. 
There was no breakthrough. She walked for hours that week but only a few people patronized her toasted bread and sobolo. Maya stopped by a local school close to the area. The kids loved the sobolo and the toasted bread but the problem was they could not afford it. 
Maya told herself she would not stop trying. She would never gave up no matter how tough the going got.  
She took time and assessed her small business and played around various options in her mind.

She decided to try the lorry station nearby and then the market. She also decided to make the toasted bread in sizes to sell at different prices. She would also look for the ice cream rubber and package the sobolo with it so that the school children could afford it. She also resorted to selling tea, bread and omelet in the evenings. 
She put her decisions into action the subsequent weeks and saw some improvement in sales. 
She forged on and moved from market to market and lorry station to station and school to school. Gradually things picked up and she was making some money. Money that took care of their feeding, clothing and other necessities.
After a year Maya could afford a single room, a bed and some plastic chairs. She moved into her small room, the only decent accommodation she had enjoyed since she left Nurse Araba’s house  and hoped to turn things around with perseverance. 
Occasionally Maya visited Nurse Araba and went over to her house to help with cleaning every time her husband went away. 
Nurse Araba was her guardian angel. She gave her a few pointers on how to run her business. Sometimes she took care of Maya’s son whilst she went hawking. 
It became increasingly difficult for Maya to visit Nurse Araba  when things picked up. She settled for seeing her a few Sundays when she was free to help her out. 
Her husband eventually became very receptive of Maya  and she was very happy by the turn of events. 

He was extremely nice to her and her son. It therefore came as a great shock to Maya when he tried to have his way with her one of those days when Nurse Araba  was out for a programme. 
Maya told him point blank she could never betray  the only person who had trusted and cared for her like no other. Uncle Kow Mensah, as she called him, tried to persuade her to give in with lots of promises and money but Maya vehemently refused.
 “Look, I can take good care of you and your son. Araba will never find out.”
 “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t do that to the one person who has shown me love apart from my parents. I am not that kind of person. Please stop insisting.”
 “Stop playing hard to get, Maya. Is it not money you are after? You stand to benefit a lot from this arrangement. I can buy a house for you in Takoradi and take care of all your needs. It will be our little secret. Your son would have a home and me to care for him.”
 “No, please stop insisting. I won’t do that. I’ve never believed in relationships like that. Relationships with married men are off limits for me. That’s my resolve no matter what.”
 “You are very stupid. That’s why you’ve ended up on the streets. You allow stupid boys to sleep with you. Boys who can’t take care of you, but you shun those who will give you a slice of paradise. “
Maya did not give in.
He entreated her to give it a thought since it would benefit her more if she were his secret mistress. 
Episode 4 continues in the next post